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Religion and Family Life

General Themes of High School Religion Courses

Grade 9: Radical Inclusivity

Because each human person is created in the image and likeness of God, every person has fundamental human dignity, worthy of love, respect and acceptance.  In the gospels, Jesus makes the point time and again – all are welcome at the table.  From the 10 Commandments in the Older Testament to the Beatitudes in the Newer Testament, our relationship with God and with our neighbor calls us to right relationship: loving service and a journey to wholeness – to holiness.

Grade 10: Jesus of history; Christ of Faith
In the person of Jesus, Christians find the fullest expression of God.  To understand Jesus we must journey with him through the gospels to discover his culture and his time.  At the same time, Jesus is available to us today as the resurrected Christ.  Like St. Paul, we are encouraged to meet Jesus in our place and our time to enter into a more intimate relationship with him.  Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom of God challenges the dominant secular and consumerist culture of our time.

Grade 11: The Dialogue of World Religions

Catholic/Christians are invited to a respectful dialogue with all major world religious traditions.  By studying other faith traditions, we come to a greater understanding and respect for our own.  In seeking God, all people of good will find common ground.

Grade 12: Bread for the Life of the World

By studying the birth and mission of the Church, Catholic graduates are consecrated (set apart for a special task) to bring Jesus and his kingdom to the world.  By focusing on the skills needed for intimate loving relationships with others, students are encouraged and empowered to go forth and be, like Jesus, bread for the life of the world.  This consists of special concern for the poor, the powerless and the marginalized.

Addition to Retreat Themes:

Gr. 12 Overnight: An extension of the major themes of the Gr. 12 religion course, this overnight excursion invites students into a greater awareness and experience of the realities of street life in a large urban setting.  Called to be good neighbours, students hear first hand stories of those who have been homeless amid social and economic realities beyond their control.  Street pastor, Patrick Sullivan, shares his message of hope for all those who have been pushed to the margins of life.​​​​​​