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​​Alternative Education 

bosco.pngSt. John Bosco Secondary School - A Catholic Learning Community

St. John Bosco Secondary School provides a variety of learning environments to allow students to be successful. 

The school utilizes the former St. Stanislaus location at 19 Northumberland Street in Guelph, as well as other existing facilities throughout the District, community resources or co-op placements as is appropriate for each student.

The programs are geared toward students:

requiring a program not available in an existing school;

who require additional support to be successful;

experiencing complex home or personal situations; 

completing the last credits of their diploma through co-op or dual credit;

on a suspension or expulsion.

Alternative education programs are designed to re-engage students who have had difficulty succeeding in a traditional classroom or school environment. The variety of options which are available to students through St. John Bosco will help ensure success is within reach not only academically but also in other aspects of  life.


One student shares her experience, “When we’ve given up on school and even ourselves, teachers have shown us that they will never give up on us and that we can achieve a high school diploma as long as we have the right attitude and strive for whatever it is that we want to achieve in life.”

“My spark has luckily been re-ignited by a place I consider my second home...This place is my school.

It is not a very big school considering it consists of one hallway, but the changes that happen here are so marvelous it can only be described as magic...This magic does not come from a man with a cape and wands but instead from a collection of very extraordinary people with huge hearts. These people are the staff at the school.

...When our world is dark and grey, we know we’re guaranteed to come here and food will be put in our stomachs, love in our hearts and some colour will be splashed back into our lives.

When we’ve given up on school and even ourselves, they have shown us that they will never give up on us and that we can achieve a high school diploma as long as we have the right attitude and strive for whatever it is that we want to achieve in life.

They’ve shown us that we can be respected, appreciated, cared for and ultimately successful. They’ve shown us that we can make a difference by being the difference.”​

~ St. John Bosco Graduate​​

A parent also shares her experience, "I just wanted to touch base and give a very big thank you for recommending Bosco to us.  We (and our son) are so thrilled at this school and his progress.  He loves it and the teachers and staff there are quite amazing.  They really get involved with each student no matter what issues  arise. They have figured out our son's entire personality and triggers etc.  Each day everyone starts fresh.  He calls it 'like being a family'.  

Our son  just completed semester 1 and got 5 credits (grade 11 and 12 math in 1 course)...amazing.   He is doing grade 12 English in second semester and may graduate grade 12 early next year if he takes dual credit courses, quite an accomplishment considering his past.  

Although I had great concerns about this school, it is nothing like its reputation. Sure, some kids have had troubles in the main stream traditional high school setting and home life, but the students just love it there and the parents that I talk to continue to rave about it, myself  as well.   The curriculum and program works as you go at your own speed.

Do not hesitate to promote the school to some parents or other school staff who you think would benefit from this environment.  It has been literally a life-saver for many students there and has been a positive environment for them to progress and succeed."

~ Parent