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Registration and Admission Process for

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)

 at Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph


Open for students entering JK to grade 6 in September 2017

Registration is open from January 9 (9 am) – January 31 (4 ​pm), 2017​


The IB PYP is a K to Grade 6 programme.  Students in G​rade 7 and 8 will also be exposed to the IB philosophies as part of the whole school approach to the IB PYP and are welcome to register.  


Parent Information Nights​

IB PYP Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph Community {ONLY}

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 • 7:00 pm • Sacred Heart, 125 Huron St. Guelph

IB PYP Parent Information {OPEN to ALL}

Tuesd​ay, January 17, 2017 • 7:00 pm • Sacred Heart, 125 Huron St. Guelph 


Selection for the IB Primary Years Programme will be offered in four stages according to the Wellington Catholic District School Board Admission policies and aligned with the mandate of Catholic education:

Stage 1: 

Students currently attending Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph.

Stage 2: 

Catholic students residing within the Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph boundary not currently attending Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph.

Stage 3: 

Students currently attending a Wellington Catholic school residing outside the Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph boundary.

Catholic students residing outside the Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph boundary not currently attending a Wellington Catholic school.

​Stage 4: 

Students who are not Catholic and not attending a Wellington Catholic school who are desiring a faith-based, Catholic education.


Registration Process

Students currently attending Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph will automatically be enrolled in the IB PYP at the school and are not required to complete additional registration forms.  

All other students wishing to attend Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph in September 2017 must complete the Information Form, Registration Form, and supporting documentation and submit in person at Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph (125 Huron St. Guelph) or email to   ​sacredheartIB@wellingtoncdsb.ca​ by 4:00 pm on January 31st, 2017.

For ALL students (who are not currently enrolled at Sacred Heart, Guelph):


For NEW students to Wellington Catholic DSB, please ALSO include:

​​Voluntary First Nation, Metis and Inuit Self-Identification Form (optional)​

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Immunization Form

The Following Documents:

  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Parent or Child's Baptismal Certificate
  • Your Child's Health Card
  • Your Child's immunization Record
  • Custody Documents (If Applicable)
  • Proof of Tax Support for any new families (i.e., Most Recent Tax Bill)


The DEADLINE for registration is Tuesday January 31, 2017 at 4:00 pm.  Registration must be completed and submitted by 4:00 pm January 31, 2017 to be considered for the IB PYP.  

Consideration is NOT prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis.  In order to ensure equity of access, siblings will also be part of the random selection and are not guaranteed a pupil place.

Registration Status and Admission
    • ​The enrolment cap will be finalized once the registration of students in stage 1 and 2 is confirmed (after January 31, 2017).  The enrolment cap is dependent on school capacity and class size reg​ulations.

    • If there are still student spaces available after the admission of students in stage 1 and 2, and the number of students applying in stage 3 and 4 exceeds the enrolment cap, a random selection process will be initiated.  This process will begin with students in stage 3.​​

    • If a random selection process is required, Parents/Guardians will be informed of th​eir child's/children's registration status and any next steps via email by Friday, February 24, 2017.  The random selection process will occur in the presence of a third-party scrutineer to maintain process integrity and transparency.  

        Frequently Asked Questions


        Will tra​nsportation be available for students outside the Sacred Heart, Guelph boundary?

        ​No.  Transportation is not available to students who reside outside the Sacred Heart, Guelph boundary. Transportation to and from Sacred Heart, Guelph for students outside the Sacred Heart, Guelph boundary is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. ​

        What if our child is entering grade 7​ or 8?

        The IB PYP is a program offered for students up to and including grade 6.  Students in grade 7 and 8 will still be exposed to t​he IB philosophies as part of the whole school approach to the IB PYP.  Registration at Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph for students entering grade 7 or 8 is also welcome.   

        Is befo​re/after school care available?

        Yes.  Before school (as early as 7:30 am) and after school ​(as late as 6:00 pm) care is available for students at Sacred Heart, Guelph. Information about the before/after school program is available on the board website. ​​ Spaces are limited and are administered by the before/after school provider, GS Care.

        Our child is currently attending Sacred Heart, Guelph.  Do we need to register them for IB?

        No.  Any students currently attending Sacred Heart, Guelph are automatically admitted and can continue until the end of Grade 8.  Information about IB PYP will be available at the Parent Night. 

        What options do we have if our child is currently attending Sacred Heart, Guelph and we do not want them to begin the IB PYP program next year?

        Parents/Guardians of students currently attending​​ Sacred Heart Guelph are invited to attend an Information Night on January 11, 2017 to better understand the programme as well as options if they feel the IB PYP is not for them. All families are encouraged to remain at Sacred Heart for at least the first year in order to fully understand and experience the programme. If your intention remains to leave Sacred Heart Guelph, a written request to the main office will be required to initiate the transition to Holy Rosary.  Transportation to Holy Rosary ​will be available according to the eligibility criteria in the Pupil Transportation Policy (R.BSS.E.1)​.

        What if we live in the Sacred Heart, Guelph boundary and miss the 4 pm January 31, 2​017 deadline?​

        Registrati​​​​​on by the deadline is necessary in order to ensure classes are structured appropriately and staffing can be completed for a smooth opening in September.  Families new to the neighbourhood after January 31, 2017 should visit the school office for registration.

        ​What if my child has special needs?

        The​ IB PYP is a fully inclusive program.  All students are welcome to attend.  Please ensure you discuss with the school Principal so that an appropriate transition can be planned.  

        Is French part of the programme?

        Yes, French is part of the programme and will be introduced in Kindergarten.  The number of minutes of French instruction in grades K-3 is currently under review.  Students in grades 4-8 receive 20o minutes of French instruction per wee​k.

        What if the random selection process is initiated and we've submitted a registration package for more than one child?

        In order to ensure equity of access for all students, siblings will each be part of the random selection separately.  As such, admission of one child from your family does not guarantee admission of any other child(ren) from your family.

        Selection for the IB PYP for 2017'18 is offered in four stages.  What about the following year?

        The registration process and admission for 2018'19 and beyond will be determined prior to February 2018 and communicated as part of the registration process for the 2018'19 school year.  Students enrolled in the program for 2017'18 can remain at Sacred Heart, Guelph until completion of grade ​8.

        Is there a fee associated with the IB Primary  Years Programme?

        No. The IB Primary Years Programme at Sacred Heart, Guelph is free to families. ​

        Can a student with no experience in the IB PYP attend the IB Diploma Programme at Bishop Macdonell when they reach secondary school?

        ​Yes. The PYP is not a prerequisite for the IB Diploma Programme so there is no need for a student to attend the PYP in order to attend the Diploma Programme in secondary school. Families can contact Bishop Macdonell for information regarding the Diploma Programme.  

        Does a student who completes the IB PYP have to continue with the IB Diploma Programme in high school at Bishop Macdonell?

        No.  Any student entering high school has the option to attend Bishop Macdonell to pursue the IB Diploma Programme.  Students graduating from Sacred Heart, Guelph have the option of attending their family of schools high school or Bishop Macdonell.  Information about the transition to high school is shared with students and families throughout elementary school.

         What if we are n​ot Catholic and interested in having our child attend Sacred Heart Catholic School, Guelph​?

        The process for admission of students is outlined in the Admission of Students to Wellington Catholic Policy/Regulation R.SMW.B.1.  The Sacred Heart Catholic School Principal can support you with this process.  This process must be followed within the 4 pm January 31, 2017 deadline.

        Do we need to complete an out of boundary request form if we do not reside within the Sacred Heart, Guelph boundary?

        ​No.  IB PYP is an optional district program so students registering in the IB PYP residing outside the Sacred Heart, Guelph boundary do not need to complete an out of boundary request form.

        ​Is ther​e any information available online regarding IB PYP?

        Yes.  Please visit www.ibo.org

        ​​We require support with the registration process.  Is there anyone that can assist?

        ​Yes! Please ask for assistance at Sacred Heart, Guelph or use the email/phone number below.​

        What if we st​ill have questions?  Is there anyone that can help us?

        Absolutely!  Please email sacredheartIB@wellingtoncdsb.ca or call the school at 519-824-2751 or the Catholic Education Center at 519-821-4600 ext. 244 or 209.​